3D Guns Letter


August 7, 2018

Secretary Pompeo,

Last week, Judge Robert Lasnik ordered the State Department to block the distribution of plans to produce 3D guns. Specifically, you were ordered to “preserve the status quo.”

As you know, the status quo to which Judge Lasnik refers is the State Department position that distributing plans to make these weapons is illegal and will not be permitted.

And yet immediately, in clear violation of the law and the order, websites sprung up across the internet distributing these plans. Some are hosted in foreign nations. Some are hosted here in the United States. They have been promoted by the NRA, shared on social media, and posted on conservative websites – all of which are endangering Americans.

This is a problem of your creation. When the State Department incomprehensibly changed course to allow this downloadable death to proceed, you opened a pandora’s box of chaos and destruction. You are now under a federal court order to close this box and we demand that you do so immediately – and that you keep it closed. Are you subject to the rule of law or are you a subject of the NRA and the gun industry?

There are lives at stake. Their blood will be on your hands.

If you don’t act now, it will be too late.

For American Safety,

The NoRA Coalition


Hassan Ahmad
Appalachians Rising
Arizona for Gun Safety
Patricia Arquette
Michael Avenatti
Alec Baldwin
Ron Baldwin
Ady Barkan
Ellen Barkin
Andrea Bauman
Michael Ian Black
Portia A. Boulger
The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
Helen Brickfield
Linda Brundage
Kimberly Brusk
Roza Calderon
Tom Campbell
Don Cheadle
Charlotte Clymer
Coalition Against Gun Violence, A Santa Barbara County Coalition
Code Pink
Misha Collins
Holly Marie Combs
Jaclyn Corin
David Cross
Cathy DeForest, Ph.D.
Minnie Driver
Ladd Everitt
Rob Fee
Nathan Fillion
Frances Fisher
Jennifer Fisher
Mark Franklin
Jason George
Andrew Gillum
Chris Gorham
Grandmothers Against Gun Violence – Cape Cod
Tim Guinee
Gun Violence Prevention Center of Utah
Gun Violence Prevention PAC Illinois
Laurin Gussis
Fred Guttenberg
Christine Haitz
Chelsea Handler
Herndon Reston Coalition To End Gun violence
Gerry Hills
David Hogg
Carly Hughes
Ben Jackson
Kimberly Johnson
Joint Action Committee
Ashley Judd
Aditi Juneja
Harvey J. Kaye
Callie Khouri
Nick Knudsen
Rep. Ted Lieu
Mathew Littman
MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence
Kenny Maine
Marc Manseau
March For Our Lives
Renato Mariotti
Debra Messing
Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence
Bethany Mikulis
Alyssa Milano
Isaac Mizrahi
Seth Morrison
Po Murray
Arden Myrin
National Council of Jewish Women
Kai Newkirk
Newtown Action Alliance
North Carolinians Against Gun Violence Education Fund
One Pulse for America
Eliza Orlins
Sarah Peck
Khary Penebaker
Piper Perabo
John Phelps
Sandy Phillips
Tae Phoenix
Postcards For America
Psychiatrists for Gun Violence Prevention
Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
Jeanette Richardson
Dallas Roberts
Beth Roth
Harley Rouda
Kim Russell
Safe Campus Colorado
San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention
Amy Schumer
Yosi Sergant
Maureen Shaw
Kimmy Shields
Joanna Simon
Brooke Smith
Heather Smith
David Stowe
Tara Strong
Survivors Empowered
Rep. Eric Swalwell
Amber Tamblyn
Shira Tarantino
The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus
The ENOUGH Campaign
The Safe Tennessee Project
Bradley Theodore
Juhu Thukral
Ken Toltz
Bitsie Tulloch
Va. Center for Public Safety
Krista Vernoff
Vision Quilt
Vorzimer & Masserman Fertility and Famly Law
Andrew Vorzimer
Carol Wakeman
WAVE- Women Against the Violence Epidemic
Natalie Weaver
Rabbi Elyse Wechterman
Hollis Wein
Brianna Westbrook
Erinn Westbrook
Bradley Whitford
Women Against Gun Violence
Women’s March
Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice
Kenidra Woods
Steve Yanovsky
Danny Zuker